Vibration Damper Analysis

Check the silicone oil condition of your torsional vibration damper within 24h. provides independent analysis by experienced staff. A cheap and easy solution to prevent expensive and unnecessary overhaul. Order your fluid vibration damper sample kit now and you will receive the test results of the viscous vibration damper sample by email.


Warning: Crankshaft Failure!
Torsional vibration analysis is needed on regular intervals. Heavy degradation of the silicone oil (from the viscous fluid vibration damper) may ultimately result in a crankshaft failure. Torsional vibration analysis of crankshaft can provide you accurate lifetime information of your visco damper. The fluid vibration damper degradation variates on different operations and applications. It is important to know when to overhaul the fluid gel vibration damper, before the crankshaft and transmission will severe mechanical damage and lead to excessive strain on these components. Fluid vibration analysis provides you the accurate information when to overhaul and when to do the next torsional vibration damper analysis. This way you can safely run your engine without expensive and unnecessary overhaul!

Torsional vibration damper analysis within 24h…
Silicone oil analysis is done within 24 hours by our experienced staff. We will check the torsional vibration damper sample (silicone oil condition) on different parameters (viscosity measurement, damping measurement, discoloration measurement etc.). The fluid vibration analysis report will be sent to you by e-mail.

Order your fluid vibration damper sample here…
In order to define the condition of the viscous fluid vibration damper, we will send you a silicone oil sample kit. You can now easily extract the silicone oil from your visco damper and fill the sample container. You can send the sample container with the included postal envelope for torsional vibration damper analysis to our address in the Netherlands.

Torsional vibration damper sample kit…
The fluid vibration damper sample kit contains a detailed manual, unique data label, sample container and the postal envelop with label. The price of the sample kit also includes the fluid vibration analysis costs.

Can I also send a torsional vibration damper sample kit from a different supplier?
Yes, you can also send the torsional vibration damper sample kit from a different supplier / manufacturer to our address in the Netherlands. Please make sure to send the samples to the address you find down this page and contact us about the postal delivery at

Torsional vibration dampers from different engine manufacturers…
Silicone oil analysis can be done for all engine brands. We have currently worked with the following references: Audi, Caterpillar, DAF, DDC, Deutz, Doosan, Ford-Otosan, Hyundai, Iveco, Jenbacher, MAN, MAK, MTU, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Perkins, Scania, SKL, SSANGYONG, Sulzer, Volvo, VW, Weichai, Wärtsilä, Zyanmar, Zyuchai.

Torsional vibration analysis and more…
The silicone oil condition is often worse than expected. The engine and torsional vibration damper manufacturer are mostly not aware of alternation on the applications configuration and load profiles. In this case we can also provide a vibration measurement on board. You will receive a report on how to optimize the engine room, engine performance and which load steps are most effective for your engine.

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